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Mediation is a powerful alternative dispute resolution service. Axiom Mediation resolves disputes and conflicts for litigants, organizations, groups and people.  Axiom employs interdisciplinary resources to resolve cases, disputes and conflicts.

Administrative Law Judge and Attorney Thomas H. Roberts has over 37 years of experience in commercial disputes, startup companies, federal and state litigation, international disputes, civil rights, personal injury, and family law. Mr. Roberts has experience as both a mediator and counsel for participants in mediation and litigation.  Mr. Roberts leads Axiom Mediation and is available worldwide.  He is also the principal of Thomas H Roberts & Associates, PC a litigation law firm in Richmond, Virginia.

The Mediation Process

In mediation with the concurrence of the participants, Axiom Mediators will employ multiple approaches directed towards resolution. By communicating with the parties and actively listening, the Axiom mediator identifies the interests, assists the parties with creating options to meet those interests, recognizing and validating the principles, perceptions, values and emotions that each party brings to the mediation, and encourages the parties to consider reasonable alternatives to reach a resolution. A number of those approaches are described below.


The Axiom Mediator “facilitates” the negotiations between the parties helping each to achieve their interests in a mutually agreed compromise and resolution.

Evaluative Mediation:

The Axiom Mediator will use this style of mediation when the parties consent, which helps the parties to focus on an array of expected outcomes that the parties may reasonably expect if they do not fashion their own mutually agreed outcome.  In this process, the Axiom Mediator and Mr. Roberts’ years of experience in litigation and as a Administrative Law Judge is helpful.

Narrative Mediation:

When using this style of mediation the Axiom Mediator focuses on the narrative to understand and reshape the conflict to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable outcome.

Transformative Mediation:

Particularly where the parties have enjoyed a long relationship prior to the conflict, or are expected to maintain some relationship after the conflict is resolved, the Axiom Mediator focuses on transforming or repairing the relationship and then a resolution to the current conflict.

The Toolbox Mediation:

Most mediation participants have chosen mediation because they want a resolution, and expect the Axiom Mediator to use whatever tool or approach seems most appropriate during the course of the mediation.

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