Areas of Practice

Interdisciplinary Virginia Mediation Services

Mediation for litigants who want a certain resolution reducing cost, time, risk and stress of a trial.  Interdisciplinary Virginia Mediation Services is a great alternative to costly and public trials.

  • personal injury claims
  • employment claims
    • claims of discrimination based upon race, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or age.
    • hostile work environments
    • wrongful termination
    • wage and hour
    • contracts
    • non-competes
  • contract disputes
  • civil rights claims
  • tort claims
  • construction claims
  • real estate
  • insurance matters
  • inheritance, trusts & estates
  • family businesses
  • closely held business
  • sports clubs
  • international business and disputes

Virginia Mediation or Collaborative law in family & domestic matters

  • division of marital property
  • spousal support
  • child custody
  • child visitation
  • child support

Virginia Interpersonal Disputes and Conflicts

  • Couples & Family
  • Parents and Children
  • Friends
  • Organizations
    • Companies
    • Management
    • Churches & Congregations
    • Schools

Life Coaching & Crisis Management

  • Individuals who need an objective and confidential third party perspective
  • Individuals or organizations that need crisis management

Virginia Arbitration - An Alternative to Public Trial

  • Arbitration for litigants who want a private alternative to public trial with as little or as much discovery as the parties agree upon in the terms of arbitration
  • Matters calling for specialized training
  • Matters best resolved in private

Zoom Mediation

  • Zoom mediation offers a convenient method for remote mediation and dispute resolution
  • Break out rooms and convenience
  • A great option for alternative dispute resolution