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Expert Mediators in Virginia

Thomas H. Roberts, Esq.

Mediator, Arbitrator,
Administrative Law Judge,

Mr. Roberts has over 37 years of legal experience including working as a litigator, with Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC, an administrative law judge appointed by the Virginia Supreme Court, a Virginia mediator and a consultant.  He is recognized for his dedication and creativity in problem solving.  He is the principal of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC and the founder of Axiom Mediation a Richmond Mediation Firm.


In addition to participation with numerous mediations

Mediator Tom Roberts jumping

 over the years,  Mr. Roberts received Advanced Mediation Training with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in 2014.  Mr. Roberts wrote the chapter on Virginia Arbitration in Interim Measures in The United States In Aid of Arbitration, Editors: Lawrence W. Newman, Ronald A. Brand, Houston Putnam Lowry, Chapter 20 – Virginia.

Jonathan M. Arthur, Esq.

Spanish/English Mediator,
Arbitrator, Consultant.

Mr. Arthur is bilingual in English and Spanish.  He served four years with the United States Marine Corps.  With a background in philosophy his legal experience includes includes civil litigation, civil rights and constitutional law, wills and trusts, contracts, business and commercial law. He is a member of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honors Society.  He is a litigator with Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, P.C.

Shari L. Roberts

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Consultant, Mediator and Life Coach.

Ms. Roberts is a recognized and gifted consultant and interpersonal conflict mediator and life coach.  She raised 3 sons, a Engineer/IT Entrepreneur, an Agronomist/Farmer  and a Engineer/USAF Pilot.


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